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About Us

Our Vision

To be a leading conglomerate firm with high value consultancy and major supplier of products and services. Maintaining geographical scope and diversity in operations.

Akramzada International established as a business, but has also become a development tool through the detailed efforts of its management team to combine development with business in order to increase not only profits of the company, but also the stability and ensure steady growth.

Especially working within its base in Afghanistan, Akramzada has developed and implements the following investment strategy:

Our Investment Strategy

  • Akramzada provides micro financing in growing companies that mirror with our ethos
  • Investing in our workforce by on the job training and education.
  • Investing in the families of our workforce in order to provide a future for the youth.
  • Investing in the health of the families
  • Investing in management team to strengthen proficiency and market expertise

To Grow Our Reputation

  • as a respected and responsible supplier/distributor/service provider/consultancy
  • by continuing to improve
  • by adding value to economic and geopolitical factors.