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Akramzada International have a proven track record in providing professional consultancy services covering :

Project Management

Akramzada endeavour to provide a full turnkey solution from inception to the effective and efficient handover on all its projects. Our aim is to fully understand the client and their brief and to bring that to fruition, always acting on the clients' behalf. Akramzada invests heavily in its own construction assets independent of client projects.

We procure, organise, operate and manage projects of many types, including:

  • Construction Projects (Design & Build Procurement)
  • Infrastructure Projects
  • Town and Urban Planning Projects
  • Education Projects
  • Consortium-based projects such as PFI/PPP
  • Relocation and Facilities Management Projects.

Project Risk Management

Many clients depend on local knowledge when operating in dangerous and volatile areas. It is therefore critical to have a concrete risk mitigation formula. Akramzada have a wealth of experience in Risk Analysis & Assessments. Whether it is setting-up in a hazardous area or driving through a dangerous area with goods, it's essential you are aware of the potential risks, political factors affecting the area, local community mentality know-how etc. This also encompasses a geographical / tribal analysis of the area and its surrounding.


Enterprise Risk Analysis & Assessment 

Akramzada provides expertise in advisory to start-ups and established businesses wishing to operate and/or expand in countries of high volatility. It is important to fathom the amount of resources and capital that need to be used for optimisation and default minimisation. When investing in countries with such high risk it is vital to understand the processes and procedures of a country, which does not have an established law nor a judicial system. Hence, to keep risk and uncertainty at a distance Akramzada aim to demonstrate and walk through potential perils which if faced – how to deal with them.