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Akramzada is happy to have set up the Akramzada Foundation to carry forward its charitable projects which are felt to be crucial to the rebuilding and future development of Afghanistan

For Akramzada to use commercial business as a tool to rebuild Afghanistan and add to its future development, promoting humanitarian culture within Afghan businesses. To create and promote basic standards of human rights, equality of sexes and fair practice towards employees within Afghan business culture and promoting the spread of this culture within Afghan society as a whole.

The creation of jobs and long termemployment. To create and promote professionalism within Afghan business culture. To promote education to all sectors of society.

Some of Akramzada Foundation projects include the following:

  • Promoting fair treatment of employees within Afghan businesses
  • Promoting the participation and support of women within the work place
  • Promoting health and education benefits within the workplace
  • Promoting education to all members of society, from young children to the elderly
  • Providing scholarships to talented students to further their studies in Afghanistan and abroad
  • Establishing & operating two orphanages in Kabul and Mazar, Afghanistan
  • Building schools and developing educational curricula
  • Providing micro-finance interest-free loans and grants to help families and communities climb out of poverty